Vadim Epstein :: we:sual as you:sual

Media artist, director, educator, coder, VJ; former IT consultant and casual theoretical physicist, combining serious technical background, strong corporate experience and vivid creative mind. Has worked in various fields such as and science art since 1996, eventually focused on visual media with stochastic algo narratives.

As an artist and curator, had made visuals for hundreds of concerts, festivals, parties, and commercial events. The artworks have been exhibited worldwide in Vancouver, Montreal, Stuttgart, Lille, Moscow, Paris, London; covered in press such as Slanted, Rightclicksave, CDM and video anthologies; steadily highlighted on the conferences CVPR 2021, NeurIPS 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023; released as NFT collections THE POEM, TEOPEMA, Pixie, etc. Personal style tends towards bold recognizable aesthetics, combining generative and figurative, with high impact native to post-industrial cultures.

Founder and creative director of in[visible] studio [2009~2020].
Besides artworks and commercial projects, has delivered numerous talks, workshops, and training courses.

Current focus is on AI/ML [since 2017], generative graphics, new media art, and creative coding in general.

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